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Brains respond to art just like love

Looking at art can make a person as happy as staring a loved one in the eye, according to a British study. Perhaps that is also a good argument in the Netherlands against spending cuts on culture.

IMG_0242-COLLAGE (1).jpg
Subjects underwent brain scans while seeing thirty paintings by world-famous artists. When they looked at paintings that they found the most beautiful,,,,,,,

the blood flow increased by up to 10 percent, as much as when someone looks at his lover. On paintings by John Constables, Ingres, Guido Reni and the subjects reacted the most violently. They reacted less to Hieronymus Bosch, Honoré Daumier and Quinten Massijs de Jongere.


Professor Semir Zeki of the University of London says to the British newspaper The Telegraph: “We wanted to see what happens in the brain when you look at a beautiful painting. It turned out that when you look at art, whether it is a landscape, a still life, abstract art, or a portrait, there is a lot of activity in the part of the brain that is related to pleasure. ‘ The degree of blood flow became more the more the test subject indicated to find the painting beautiful. “Just like when you look at someone you love.”


Currently, the research is still being evaluated. The results are surprising. ‘We have scientifically proven what we already knew for a long time,’ says Zeki. ‘But we did not expect that art has such a strong effect on us.’

The research is seen as proof that it is necessary to make art available to a wide audience. Just as in the Netherlands, there is also the fear in the United Kingdom that cutbacks make culture less accessible.
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