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" Atelier Today een Impressie. "   © Pierre van Dijk

  De "waterlelies" ( serie ) Landschappen van water en weerspiegelingen  

 De foto's hieronder zijn gemaakt met de iPhone , de kleuren zijn niet optimaal en wijken af !!!

kleur  Het werkelijke gevoel van het licht zelf.   
Goethe ; "Het waarnemen van kleur is een innerlijk fenomeen, tenminste voor de mens die zijn gevoel niet onderdrukt. " 

 Atelier - impressie .  2019. - 2021.

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Sharon Lewis
04-11-21 17:52:13
The real painting in front of me widely exceeds the expectations created by the photos, how beautiful!
Sharon Lewis
75016 PARIS

Dear Sharon, thank you for this comment…
Amanda S. Stevenson
21-09-21 09:33:45
Hi Pierre
I am begging you to stay away from abstract expressionism. The second-hand stores in New York sell preserved abstract oil paintings in frames for $10.00.
Hi Amanda thanks for your concern
But I will definitely remain an impressionist
阿民 李 Lee
10-09-21 13:34:52
Hi Pierre I would like to express my admiration for your way of handling our purchase and the shipment was perfect .. the painting is now hanging in our living room it is beautiful my wife and I enjoy it ... every day . Sincerely . 阿民 李 - Amin Lee - TAIWAN
Amin Lee
No thanks .. the pleasure is all mine . Pierre
Josune Basterra Bustinza
28-08-21 17:46:25

Pierre, we know each other long time ago and you know I love your #art👏💯🌹
Especially the water lily series. meet you later.

Josune Basterra Bustinza
Contacts & Services around the world
Zayed Communications
UAE Luxury Brand Ambassador Dubai
dear Josune . It's good to hear from you again.. see you later.. with love. Pierre
Edward Smith
21-08-21 20:47:59

It is so refreshing to see that impressionism is alive. This offers a healthy respite from the garishness of much of current art. (author of "The Psychology of Artists and the Arts")
Edward W. L. Smith, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Author, and Poet
Edward ; Thank you for your comment on my work . i see you are Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) and working at Georgia State University .. i am honored . kind regards pierre
Maryna Kovaltchuk
19-04-21 13:50:29
Dear Pierre, we enjoy the Water Lilies thanks again for cooperation ... with kind regards; Maryna Kovaltchuk, AP LEI CHAU - HONG KONG
Hi Maryna , Good to hear that everything went well and that you can enjoy it for a long time. Pierre
Caroline LP.
28-02-21 09:52:38
My father commissioned Pierre to paint a portrait of my mother after she died. He managed to capture the essence of her, especially in her eyes, which bring back the memory of her. My father loved the painting and we were really happy and grateful to have this souvenir of her.
Thank you Caroline .... I have experienced it as very special...
Barbara Reyer
06-02-21 13:13:54
Arrived quickly and very well packed...
kind regards Barbara.
Dear Barbara .... Fantastic its indeed fast . I am glad that this darling of mine has now ended up in good hands. kind regards Pierre
Anne Boseret
18-01-21 15:24:11
Hello Pierre. Thank you for the beautiful painting Water Lilies No. 9, it hangs with us in a good place. greetings Anne Boseret
Dank je wel Anne. ik wens je nog lang veel kijk plezier Gr. Pierre
Ivan Kennedy
31-08-20 08:13:42
Waterlelies nr.22
Thank you Pierre, the painting Water Lilies No. 22 has arrived. the delay (by Covid19) increased the desire to see the painting on the wall. We love the water lilies painting it is fantastic
Ivan Kennedy
Ivan; Thank you it is good to hear. Kind regards Pierre
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